Talking about who we are.

DATATRACK is an indigenous company owned by a Nigerian and one who is proud to be a citizen of his country.
This company was given birth to from the need that the country and the citizens would be needing in this millennium as the global dynamics is much more computer oriented and the world is working towards achieving a global village status. For any reasonable individual in this generation, not being computer literate would mean not wanting to be a part of this world.
As we all know, even working in most institutions this days require the knowledge of computer operation, at least the basics.

One area that people face challenges in this industry is in application maintenance. We are organized with enough staffs to ensure that client needs are met timely because we understand that a happy client is an asset for the future of our company.


  • Kemi Egbeyode C.O.O.
    Rollicking Entertainment - Electronic Media consultant (TV & radio advertis, promo e.t.c)

To bring computer knowledge and software to all in a simple and easy to understand method.

Making life simple with the use of computer and bringing smiles to our clients

Simplifying complex and cumbersome data










Why Choose DataTrack?

You chose us because of our wealth of experience in the software industry. Our commitment to deliver to you your best ever experience would be compared to non. We are dedicated to ensuring our students and clients get the best for their money and in return trust they refer us as the case as always been..

Beginners Stream: A

Microsoft Packages including word, excel, power point with a knowledge of the internet

Web Designers: Stream B

UI / UX Development using graphic tools, Bootstrap / wordpress

Full Stack Development: Stream C

development of both front end(client side) and back end(server side) portions of web application.


Our Professional Trainers

Victor Odeyemi

Web Development

Skilled programer with over decades of web development training and best spoke development. Full stack developer.

Mary Awoloyo


Student staff at DataTrack System. Specially skilled in office administration and a professional front desk resource

William Anderson


Experienced website designer with bootsrap and wordpress skills