The following are the main functionalities in this application, Schoolchum:

Schools as we know are meant to run for many generations  and therefore proper record keeping is of great importance and keeping it in the form of an application is best advised for future reference and enquiries about the student records.

Managing the key processes related to student and staff record is critical to the success of any organization. DataTrack schoolchum helps you manage your student records and organization information. It also provides the school with all recording tool elements: modeling, analysis, simulation with best spoke field and view designer. It has the capacity to store student and staff records to any capacity

Documentation, though an important part of an organization, is a non-productive exercise for the individual human being, whose ability lies in the core areas of excellence. Hence a systematic approach to the way documents are managed can transform your organization resources to its highest utility and advantage.

The Schoolchum ensures:

  1. Student record / profile capturing
  2. Reminders of important dates and information
  3. Pupils and staff birthday reminders
  4. Tracking of outstanding balances by students
  5. Payment tracking
  6. Autochumd and quick report generation including
    1. Student Report
    2. Fees Report
    3. Staff Report
    4. Class Report
    5. Books Detail Report
    6. Issued Books Report
  7. Restriction and access level settings for users
  8. Bulk SMS to pupils parents via the schoolchum
  9. Ability to search books issued and remaining in the school library at any time
  10. Accuracy in data reporting and capturing
  11. Effective installation and setup process

Special Features

  1. High level data security
  2. User friendly interface requiring minimal learning and fore knowledge of IT skills
  3. Designed for easy scalability
  4. Minimal data redundancy
  5. Multiple campus management
  6. Foster effective communication between teachers parents and students where the application is hosted online
  7. Group Chart
  8. Cost effective one point solution for multiple school management