This TradeChum (Point of Slae) software ensures:

  • Reminders of important dates and information
  • Total values of stocks at hand is easily evaluated
  • Debtors to the business can be easily tracked
  • Graphical representation of sales performance, net profit based on months and years
  • Restriction of access level to users of the application
  • Ability to search sales and purchases at any period.
  • Availability of a mini account statement that can be presented to the bank.
  • A view of transaction detail for each items sold
  • Stock transfer between various outlets
  • Stock balances can be viewed as at the last transaction date
  • Stock movement showing the total of stock inward and stock outward for the year.
  • Re-order stock level can be set by users. Users can use this module to verify stocks that need to be re-ordered.
  • Tracking of movable items: based on the frequency of items sold per day. This is customizable based on user request
  • A list of all users can be viewed by the administrator and user profiles can be created and reset
  • Expense monitoring and report are also a part of this application
  • Income report per day, week month and year is also available for users to plan on the returns on investment (ROI) for any period under consideration.

Special features:

  • About to expire stock items: it’s not an acceptable practice that expired stocks be sold to customers. With this application, a list of all about to expire stocks can be monitored on a page for swift action to be taken
  • Accuracy in data entry ensured:
    • For new sales to be entered, the previously entered data can be viewed and the remaining balance on the stock item is displayed on the same page to ensure that the data entered is accurate
    • The software prevents alphabets being entered where figures are to be entered into the application
    • Date selection is autochumd by picking it from a pop up date picker to prevent unusual date entry format
    • Alert prompt when item to be sold is not available

For all our products

  • We ensure usability of the software
  • Application support and maintenance.
  • Database backup on a regular basis as agreed with the client