The following are the main functionalities in this application, office pms:

  1. PMS data / record
    1. Insert PMS record
    2. Edit PMS record
    3. View PMS record
    4. Ge alert on over stated usage
  2. Generator repair
    1. Generator repair data capture
    2. Generator repair detail
    3. Edit generator repairs
    4. View generator repairs
    5. Search generator repairs
    6. Enter repair parts and costs
    1. Service expenses
    2. Insert vendor / supplieron
    3. Other expenses
  3. Reminders in the office PMS include:
    1. Generator particulars
    2. Next service schedule
  4. Fuel consumption analysis of the various generators
    1. Add fuel record
    2. Edit fuel statement
    3. View fuel statement
    4. Search fuel statement
    5. Set up fuel rate
  5. Login Users
  6. Service module
    1. Add service schedule
    2. Edit service schedule
    3. View service schedule
    4. Search service schedule

With office PMS, the following are achievable:

  1. it is an easy task for any organization to determine which generator consumes PMS in an abnormal way
  2. To easily detect when the PMS consumption is unduely diverted
  3. Easy to determine the quantiy of PMS to be purchased in the next order
  4. Actual consumption per month can be determined and properly captured in the P&L.