Functionalities in this application include:

This application was developed to ease the transaction process of security outfits that give out security guards to corporate organizations and individuals.

The aim of the software is to help track and properly record the data of all security guards that are under the purview of the organisation in a well organised way and to track the postings of the security guard over the period of employment with the organization for proper accountability.

Functionalities in this application include:

Functionalities in this application include:

Client Module

  • Add and edit Client details
  • Search Client

Staff Record

  • Add and edit staff detail
  • Upload staff picture and document (Mini document manager)
  • Search staff
  • Edit login profile
  • Staff status

Laundry Module

  • Capture single / multiple laundry
  • Edit acceptance
  • Process / edit payment
  • Print receipt
  • Tagging
  • Process collection


  • Add / edit new expense type
  • Enter / edit requisition
  • approve expenditure
  • disburse expenditure
  • Search expenses
  • Expense Report


  • Daily Income
  • View Collections
  • View Defaulters
  • All Client Lists
  • Search Clients


  • Create / Edit Accesses
  • Create User
  • Admin Profile Editing
  • Archive / Dissable User
  • Add Staff Type
  • Add / Edit Category