A software used to manage inflow and outflow of stocks in a store / wraehouse

Datarack developed the storechum to manage store stocks as they are moved into the store and taking put of the store. There is always the need to track goods as they enter and leave the store and also to have a good knowledge of stocks that are expiring soon, need to also determine the minimum stock level to know when stocks are to be re-ordered and finally a good knowledge of the value of stocks in a warehouse at any point in time.

With storechum, stock audit is made easy with the easy to print reporting tools that are available in the storechum software.

The following are the modules in the storechum application

  • Stock In
    • Enter stock purchased
    • Edit stock purchased
    • Search for purchased stocks
  • Stock Out
    • Stock out
    • Edit stock out
    • Search stock out
  • Stock Transfer
    • Transfer stock
    • Edit transfer stock
    • Reverse stock transfer
    • Search transfer stock
  • Stock View / Report
    • Minimum Stock Level
    • Expiring stocks
    • Stock movement
    • Stock value
    • Stock Balance
    • Stock transfer

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