Effective management of staff records in an organization as we know is equally important for effective functioning of the staff and it will affect the cumulative efficiency of the organization in its holistic output in the industry.

The following are the main / sub modules of the HRChum application:

  • General / Home
    • Enter new department
    • View staff by department
    • View / print pay slip
    • Edit personal profile
    • Upload document which can be set to view by all or private
    • View personal arrears
  • Staff Record
    • Insert Staff Record
    • Edit Staff Record
    • Disable staff
    • Upload Picture
    • Staff Details
    • HR Comment
  • Leave
    • Leave Schedule
    • Request for leave
    • Leave approval
    • Edit leave form
    • Leave confirmation
  • Appraisal
    • Appraisal information
    • Score form
    • Supervisor comment
    • Group head
    • Human Capital
  • Payroll
    • Payroll configuration
    • Generate Payroll
    • View Payroll records
    • View Grand Summary
    • Payments
    • View salary arrears
    • View and print pay slip by administrator
  • Administrative Settings
    • Create / View Access
    • Create Users
    • Create new Profile
    • Admin Profile Editing
    • Designation creation
    • Edit Company Profile
    • Archive / disable users

Where an organization is able to deploy such a robust staff management application software to manage the staffs, it is certain that the staffs will have confidence in the organization and be able to put in their best knowing that they have access to their personal details and the company cares about them

The HRMate like the other applications developed by DataTrack is designed for simplicity and Usability.

Application support is also a key feature that needs to be considered when getting an application of this magnitude and at DataTrack, we are committed to ensuring our clients are satisfied with our product and most especially with our support which is guaranteed between 24hrs – 48hrs of prompt response.