The following are the main functionalities in this application, Hotelchum:

Managing the key processes related to client record is critical to the success of any organization. DataTrack hotechum helps you manage your client records and organization information. It also provide the hotel with all recording tool elements: modeling, analysis, simulation with bestspoke field and view designer. It has the capacity to store client records to any capacity

Documentation, though an important part of an organization, is a non-productive exercise for the individual human being, whose ability lies in the core areas of excellence. Hence a systematic approach to the way documents are managed can transform your organization resources to its highest utility and advantage.

Hotelchum ensures the following:

  1. Reservation:
    1. Client data entry
    2. Client search
    3. Reservations made
    4. Reservation summary report
    5. Client check in and check out details
    6. Clients can also make reservations online where the hotel has a website.
  2. Billing:
    1. Client payment record entry
    2. Tracking of payment records
    3. Setting for the room billing
  3. Reports:
    1. Reports of all clients currently lodging
    2. A summary of their financial commitment to date
    3. Reports on guests that have made reservations ahead for their arrival
    4. View of total revenue made per day, weekly or yearly.
  4. Room Management
    1. Room rate settings
    2. Periodic rate settings (Rate for festive period etc)
    3. Give names to the different room types
  5. Access Rights and privileges:
    1. Users of the application can be set to manage certain modules in the application
    2. Privileges can be edited by the administrator

Other advantages that are derived by installing this Hotelchum software include:

  1. Easy tracking of indebted clients
  2. Room availability can be monitored from one point
  3. Client visit and payment can be properly spelt out for easy transaction process management
  4. Proper record keeping of clients
  5. Proper record of room utilization
  6. Proper monitoring of revenues that comes in on a daily, monthly or yearly basis to allow for comparison of performance at a glance.

This application can be made to run online since it is web based and it can also be attached to a website where the organization has a running website already to get client reservation in real time.

We shall be glad to offer you our service at a competitive cost and guarantee your rest of mind in carrying on your business in a more efficient and technologically driven manner.

Note: Other software packages that could still be added to this basic hotel management software include:

  1. HRMate (staff management software) to manage the hotel staff records, leave and salary details
  2. Tradechum (Point of sales software) to manage the hotel bar
  3. Storechum (Store management software) to manage all the items that are purchased and used in the hotel.

All these features are available at different cost to the client but at a 50% rate of the original cost of each of the application required