Functionalities in this application include:

Sales Module

  1. Add and edit sales
  2. Prepare sles invoice and receipts
  3. Create customer records
  4. Search sales
  5. Customer payment tracking
  6. View / edit deposit
  7. Process returned devices


  1. Setup the brand and model of the devices
  2. Add and edit purchases
  3. Supply
  4. Returned purchases
  5. View Returned items


  1. Stock report
  2. Daily sales
  3. Device history
    1. Search device history using imie for gsm or bar code for other devices

Staff Module

  • Staff information
  • Payroll setup and processing with the ability to print out pay slip
  • Tracking of staff loan and repayment.
  • Order Module

    1. Enter new order
    2. Supplier detail
    3. View order summary
    4. view order balance
    5. Confirm order
    6. Transfer stocks to other branches

    Service Department Module: where the organisation has a service department and devices have to be sent there for repair or the other issues, then the following comes handy:

    1. Works accepted
    2. Setup engineering staff
    3. Work done / finished
    4. work status
    5. Jobs verified
    6. Jobs returned

    Admin Module

    1. View Income
    2. Enter expenditures
    3. Set guarantee period
    4. View group account
    5. view daily transaction and profit
    6. View orders and delete orders